User Experience is Everything!

Many developers forgets the importance of the overall user experience.

If you’ve created the worlds best game mechanics, but made the worlds worst UI and control scheme, it’s not going to be a hit!

My Mistakes in Alienocalypse

That’s one of the reasons my game Alienocalypse didn’t do well:

  • The UI was very unintuitive!  Most times when I saw someone playing my game I had to tell them what to do to get the game started, and how the whole thing worked.
  • Controls wasn’t super either.  Changing between aliens to spawn was never really good.
  • It’s tutorial was very bad.  It was basically a separated wall of text with small animations between them.  90% of the people I’ve seen play the game have pressed skip on them, the last 10% didn’t really understand everything either.

So invest some time in the work flow of the UI, controls, options and the tutorial!  This may not be that exciting, but it matters a lot.


Even a big company like Amazon haven’t done this right!  I have never seen their listed price was the actual price I had to pay.  Sometimes they add an extra 25% in taxes, sometimes is 15$ more in shipping.  It’s shouldn’t be hard to make a good solution to this, they just never did it.  This means that if I can get something somewhere else than Amazon, I buy it there.

Posted on November 24th, 2011
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