Even Small Stories Matters

If you really want to make your game a big success, you should include a story!

It doesn’t have to be anything big, just a little something to make your players emotionally attached to your game! (If you make your story too big, you’re probably looking at a different target audience).

I’d like to illustrate my point! I’ve found two games that are very much the same – they’ve even been made by the same developer! But, the one has a story!

Wake Up The Box

This one is about bumbing physics objects into the box, so he can wake up. It’s a pretty fun concept and has some cute animations. But after playing the first few levels I stopped playing – it wasn’t entertaining me anymore. It has no story.


Here you have to help a man, sad about his common life, to get some money so he can be happy again. You have to push the coins to him by making wooden plancks. After some time I again felt bored with it, but I actually played this one though – I wanted to hold my commitment about helping him!


So does this mean that Sticks became way more popular? Doesn’t really seem so…

Wake up the box has 1,223,968 plays on Kongregate and 2,161,432 on ArmorGames, but Sticks only has 13,859 on Kongregate and 658,883 on ArmorGames.

So does that mean that stories doesn’t matter at all? Not at all! Story is a powerful element that can increase the players interest tremendously. You just have use it right and according to your target audience!

Posted on November 24th, 2011
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