Flash Gaming Summit Session Recordings are live now!

Where you at the Flash Gaming Summit last Sunday? Sadly, I wasn’t, but I was able to follow most of the event though the live stream.

Now the session recordings are put up on the web, you can find the links to them here: http://mochiland.com/articles/flash-gaming-summit-wrap-up-session-recordings-photos-more

Currently, the link to “Getting Your Flash Game Sponsored” redirects to the talk by pop cap (The Evolution of Flash Games at PopCap and How They Came to Facebook), but let’s hope that gets fixed soon.

To get an overview of the talks, the program is here: http://www.flashgamingsummit.com/program.html

I think I was so lucky being the only one from the live stream chat having their question asked, in the panel discussion of polishing a game. I was quite happy about that :)

One of the speakers, Chris Benjaminsen, the man behind Nonoba, player.IO and Everbody Edits, told the community of Everybody Edits that this game was also nominated for one of the Mochi Awards. The people of this community was so happy about this, that they came into the live stream and spammed the chat with things like: “EE is the best game”, “EE is going to win”, “EE” and so on! This meant that some times no one was able to make a decent conversation, and a couple of times they moderators simply disabled the chat completely! This was both quite fun to watch, but also irritating.

Now I’m off to watch some of the presentations I haven’t seen yet, you should do too!

Posted on March 3rd, 2011
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