QucikTip: Trace an Array With Correct Formatting

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If you’re using arrays to dynamically store information that you need to embed in your project later on, I got just the thing for you: A class that will keep the formatting of the array!

Usually it’s quite a pain to get data out from an array in flash – or at least you need to do some extra work!

I’m going to use this array as an example:

var testArray:Array = [1,2, "test", [3,4],  MovieClip];

If we trace that with flash built in command, we get this:

1,2,test,3,4,[class MovieClip]

That’s okay for getting an overview of what’s in the array. But notice that our nested array ( [3,4] ) doesn’t show up as nested anymore. That’s not a big problem in this case, as I knew it was going to do this. But if you’re debugging someone else’s code, you could be confused by the fact that there’s 6 elements in the array, but the testArray.length is 5!

If the content of the array was generated dynamically (fx a level editor), you would have to spend a lot of time formatting the array back into something readable by Flash.

Here’s the solution

I made a class that handles the formatting itself , and it’s really easy to use. Download it here.

To use it, call:

ArrayTracer.traceArray ( testArray ) ;

That will output:

[ 1, 2, "test", [ 3, 4 ], flash.display.MovieClip ]

If you don’t like to have fully qualified class names, you can avoid them by setting the second parameter (optional) to false:

ArrayTracer.traceArray ( testArray , false ) ;

That will output

[ 1, 2, "test", [ 3, 4 ], MovieClip ]

If you by some reason don’t want to use the built in trace function, you can just call ArrayTracer.getArrayString which has the same functionality, but will return a String!

Before I forgot it, you must import the class :

import com.rasmuswriedtlarsen.utils.ArrayTracer;

The class has special operations for Class, String and nested arrays – if you throw anything else at it, it will just call String() on that!

Once again, here’s the download link.

Posted on February 1st, 2011
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