Ultrashock Bundle – $1500 Worth of Goods for $49!

A site just like the Evanto network apparently has a 10 year anniversary now, so they’ve created a HUGE bundle with lots of good stuff!

It contains $1500 worth of goods, with a lot of cool stuff! There’s not that many Flash files, but some site templates. It has a lot of music / sound files and also vouchers

It ends on Tuesday (22/3) at 20:00 GMT, so you better buy it before it’s too late.


For the people worried about licenses:

Can I use the included items for commercial projects?
Every downloadable item in this bundle comes with a single use commercial license. This means that one individual or company can use this bundle on their personal, private, academic, non-profit, or even commercial project.

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Posted on March 17th, 2011
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Working while it’s Dark? I’ve got a tip for you!

If you’re sitting up late after the sun’s down, I’ve got some tips that will make it easier for your eyes to look at your screen.
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Posted on August 26th, 2010
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